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4 rules to ensure successful website design

4 rules for successful web design

Website design is often a major failure point behind converting new and old customers alike. This article has four effective rules to help avoid this pitfall. First we need to delve into what a website is, and the reasons behind what the design is trying to achieve “A website is a (product) presentation where the […]

WIIFY: The life-hack to reduce the “noise” disrupting your story

Whats in it for you

In Jerry Weissman’s book, Presenting to Win – The art of telling your story, one of the big take-outs was his idea of WIIFY (What’s In It For You). For context, presenting is often associated with just creating PowerPoint presentations. As Weissman states it’s not that simplistic; it’s about how you do anything that is […]

How the Pareto Principle (80:20 rule) defines the User Experience

Like most people who have read about the Pareto principle, that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. I am fascinated about how it has the potential to be one of the best life hacks available; that which through any productivity trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method increases […]

Real world research: a must-do prelude to using lean methodology

Research Definition

Research is obvious yes? I don’t think it is and in terms of startups Laurence McCahill has summed it up best: “Generally we find that startups products and services often arise from ideas generated by the founder(s). The proposed solution is usually derived from a number of assumptions about the audience, market, etc. Entrepreneurs can […]

The Product Formula – Is team, or initial idea, more important?


Note: This post is the forth part of a five part essay about reducing the cost to sustainability when developing a new product. Please click HERE to read the first part; defining product market fit. This is not an attempt to create a magic formula to solve all the problems with building a new business. […]

The Ideal Startup Product Development Journey

build measure learn

Note: This post is the third part of the larger essay about reducing the cost to sustainability when developing a new product. To read from the beginning click HERE to start with ‘Defining Product/Market Fit’. This post is not about a new methodology on developing a product. The idea of “How” to get product/market fit, I believe, is […]

Defining Product/Market Fit

Startup Pyramid

Product/market fit has an incredibly abstract definition with the widely held view holding a number of fallacies and that has meant it has become impossible to quantify it. In this essay I am looking to define what it is, make it quantifiable, and therefore know how to measure how a startup company is performing. Product/market […]

Why you don’t always have to make a product people love to succeed

get what you need

Every time that I see advice from successful tech entrepreneurs and product managers, via books or online blogs, I always read ‘make a product that people love’. I believe it’s misplaced advice, having a product that is loved is not always required or necessarily important. People are not using a product because they love IT. […]

Why data can suck for startups!

Data Image

Wait, I don’t write for the daily mail. Sensationalism over. Data doesn’t suck but it can have an negative impact for startups if relied upon too heavily. I have seen quite a few startups (including one of my own) that allowed data to solely dictate product decisions which actually hindered the chances of success. Explaining […]