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4 rules to ensure successful website design

4 rules for successful web design

Website design is often a major failure point behind converting new and old customers alike. This article has four effective rules to help avoid this pitfall. First we need to delve into what a website is, and the reasons behind what the design is trying to achieve “A website is a (product) presentation where the […]

The principle role of the website within e-commerce

In his book about product management Marty Cagan wrote the following statement on why Apple gets the hardware and software so right: The Hardware Serves the Software The Software Serves the User Experience The User Experience serves the Emotion I think he is dead right. He is right because it’s emotion that drives a products […]

E-Commerce and creating sustainable desirability

In this essay I want to cover the changes to modern e-commerce as we know it today and to have an open discussion on models I think will have a big impact, and why, on e-commerce in the future. To start off I am going highlight an article that Jason Goldberg, the CEO and Founder of FAB, wrote […]