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The principle role of the website within e-commerce

In his book about product management Marty Cagan wrote the following statement on why Apple gets the hardware and software so right: The Hardware Serves the Software The Software Serves the User Experience The User Experience serves the Emotion I think he is dead right. He is right because it’s emotion that drives a products […]

Perception Phycology; My New Focus

I have previously written about my thoughts on desirability within ecommerce HERE. In that essay I discussed feasible models that could cause disruption by understanding that desirability is the principle driver behind commerce. This essay is born from a different, but related, thought process. In it I am discussing how perception is a disrupting factor […]

Reduce the Cost of Scaling: The Planned Pivot

The planned pivot - knowing you are going to change to plan B

Note: This post is the fifth, and final, part of the larger essay about reducing the cost to sustainability when developing a new product. To read from the beginning click HERE to start with ‘Defining Product/Market Fit’. I ended my last post ‘The Product Formula‘ asking if it is possible to reduce the quality of the […]

The Product Formula – Is team, or initial idea, more important?


Note: This post is the forth part of a five part essay about reducing the cost to sustainability when developing a new product. Please click HERE to read the first part; defining product market fit. This is not an attempt to create a magic formula to solve all the problems with building a new business. […]

The Reality of Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Note: This post is the second part of the five part essay about reducing the cost to sustainability when developing a new product. To read from the beginning click HERE to start with ‘defining product/market fit’. When I defined Product/Market fit in the previous post, in this essay, there were a number of assumptions including: “For the purposes of this theory I […]

Defining Product/Market Fit

Startup Pyramid

Product/market fit has an incredibly abstract definition with the widely held view holding a number of fallacies and that has meant it has become impossible to quantify it. In this essay I am looking to define what it is, make it quantifiable, and therefore know how to measure how a startup company is performing. Product/market […]

Why you don’t always have to make a product people love to succeed

get what you need

Every time that I see advice from successful tech entrepreneurs and product managers, via books or online blogs, I always read ‘make a product that people love’. I believe it’s misplaced advice, having a product that is loved is not always required or necessarily important. People are not using a product because they love IT. […]

E-Commerce and creating sustainable desirability

In this essay I want to cover the changes to modern e-commerce as we know it today and to have an open discussion on models I think will have a big impact, and why, on e-commerce in the future. To start off I am going highlight an article that Jason Goldberg, the CEO and Founder of FAB, wrote […]