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Perception Phycology; My New Focus

I have previously written about my thoughts on desirability within ecommerce HERE. In that essay I discussed feasible models that could cause disruption by understanding that desirability is the principle driver behind commerce. This essay is born from a different, but related, thought process. In it I am discussing how perception is a disrupting factor […]

Real world research: a must-do prelude to using lean methodology

Research Definition

Research is obvious yes? I don’t think it is and in terms of startups Laurence McCahill has summed it up best: “Generally we find that startups products and services often arise from ideas generated by the founder(s). The proposed solution is usually derived from a number of assumptions about the audience, market, etc. Entrepreneurs can […]

The Product Formula – Is team, or initial idea, more important?


Note: This post is the forth part of a five part essay about reducing the cost to sustainability when developing a new product. Please click HERE to read the first part; defining product market fit. This is not an attempt to create a magic formula to solve all the problems with building a new business. […]

Why data can suck for startups!

Data Image

Wait, I don’t write for the daily mail. Sensationalism over. Data doesn’t suck but it can have an negative impact for startups if relied upon too heavily. I have seen quite a few startups (including one of my own) that allowed data to solely dictate product decisions which actually hindered the chances of success. Explaining […]