Makers Academy – Day 7 – Skills Skills Skills.

Due to Tuesday being a wash out (pun very much intended – you’re welcome) we had two skills workshop today. This involved Drawing pictures. Although the sneaky Makers call this Domain Modelling. For someone who is very much visually orientated in my thinking. This was an incredibly useful tool to plan and implement structure in […]

Makers Academy – Day 6

Sorry. Time poor today, and likely this whole week. However quick summary Back in the groove. Assigned pair partner had to leave in the afternoon after skills workshop. Worked with Anthony instead who’s was assigned pair ill. Got on with the second weeks challenge – oystercard. I was slightly behind due to Monday laziness and […]

Makers Academy – Day 5

Thank god its Tuesday. Monday was mostly a dud. Excited to get back into good habits and high energy. Fail. Literally from the Makers building whom (having a personality as every building does) decided to give up supplying water. This meant we had to leave almost as soon as we arrived. Queue hassle. Where to […]

Makers Academy – Weekend 1 (Easter)

Easter. Ignoring religion for sake of irrelevancy to this post. A time for family. Much to my wife’s derision. On Friday this was Nigel. Nigel lives a short distance away so we paired for the day in which he actually gave me some sanity in getting through Boris Bikes and really getting my head around […]

Makers Academy – Day 4

An unusual day today. (NOTE: I am guessing this will be a theme throughout the course so will try to prevent being verbose about change in the future. ) First Retro Easter approaching TDD and regressing progressing. Finally getting attr_reader and thus further understanding object orientated programming. Retro’s. Pretty funky and interactive. Essentially it is splitting […]

Makers Academy – Day 3

Today was tough. But before explaining that I wanted to go over the structure of the course, or at least what it is at present. Pretty simple but worth stating: Stand-up (15 minutes) Skills Workshop – Part 1(hour) Exercise(30 minutes) Skills Workshop – Part 2(15-30 minutes) Morning Pair Session on Weekly task. (hour) Lunch – […]

Makers Academy – Day 1 or 4 weeks in…

I haven’t written on this blog for quite some time. I could use the excuses of being busy. Getting married, competing in a in quite a few challenges outside of technology and building my first house has been distracting! The truth however is much more simplistic. I wasn’t getting anything out of continuing the blog […]

Differentiating your marketing can sometimes be easier than expected

Differentiate Email Marketing

I have discussed in my previous article, 4 rules to ensure successful website design, that our brain’s are incredibly powerful at spotting patterns. We also instinctively apply associations with patterns that we see repeatedly. I then alluded to this is how brands are created (or destroyed). A recent article by Giuliano Iacobelli on medium is a fine […]