Two Words

“SPIDERS”        “MEAT”


In the last few seconds you have likely experienced some unpleasant images. Your heart rate possibly increased and your brain immediately brought up any sensory memories, mostly visual, linked to these two words.

Also during this process, and without any effort, you have pre-loaded into your consciousness objects and ideas that are also associated with these two words. You likely didn’t realise it, and you couldn’t prevent it even if you did, but you are now much more open to considering these associations and small stories which can be made from them.

This starts with imagining spiders crawling over meat and expands dependant on what ideas your sub-consciousness brings up.

This intrinsically human process, if used wisely, allows you to prime people to be more open to your ideas; a fundamental part of marketing and product presentation. On the flip side – creating these associations is how a brand is built (or destroyed).

I bring this up because, as someone who has found this blog, you are likely to find this interesting, and therefore grabbed your attention.

It also covers the principle skill that generates my ideas; acting as a bridge between other theories and insights, even those that are seemingly unrelated. I apply these ideas and processes from one area and recognise how to use them in another. It is how I have taken insights from modern psychology and presentation methodology, as highlighted above, and applied them to product management.

It is how I come about the concepts behind many of my blog posts.

Through the nature of my work I have repeatedly used these learnings to validate their worth and ultimate become skilled on the related subject matter; digital businesses, especially eommerce. The result is an ability to make digital businesses increasingly desirable to an existing group, or broader number, of people. Therefore creating growth within those businesses. This is underlined with a solid commercial understanding that turns said growth into improved profit and creating sustainability within the business/es.

To maximise the speed of my learnings I have inherently taken greater risks in my career and as such have been attracted to early stage businesses where these learnings are often at their greatest. Sometimes to failure, DropWines – CEO & Co-Founder, and sometimes to success, Shorters Club – COO & Co-Founder.  The universal constant through these experiences is my understanding of digital businesses, especially ecommerce, increased dramatically. If you wish to know more about my professional background, please click on the LinkedIn icon below.

I am currently consulting on digital strategy, trying to train enough to contemplate an Iron-Man, learning to code; this website is my testing platform and learning to cook ever so slowly badly…

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