Makers Academy – Weekend 1 (Easter)

Easter. Ignoring religion for sake of irrelevancy to this post. A time for family.

Much to my wife’s derision. On Friday this was Nigel. Nigel lives a short distance away so we paired for the day in which he actually gave me some sanity in getting through Boris Bikes and really getting my head around using O(bject)O(rientated)P(rogramming). Very much appreciated his patience for the day and felt I finally broke the camels back on the first weeks exercise.

Keeping this purposely brief; I also got through the weekend challenge by the deadline. Tried to keep it as simple as possible and only stick to the user stories. I have a habit of getting too far ahead, over complicating each small step, and wished to break it. I was pretty happy with the result.

Monday was a dud though. Although I started the second weeks exercise, family time, and a desire for a rest, meant I wasn’t that productive. Likely to bite me later in the week but will see.

Happy easter.

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