Makers Academy – Day 8

End of week 2!

What a week. Finished off with a social organised by Dana. The incredibly unsocial self decided to spend alot of that still at his desk trying to get the oystercard challenge finished. Im not sure if I should be proud or worried. Evidently it ends up being a mixture but going to push positively that I am at Makers for a purpose and although enjoying the process is very important. My learning is paramount.

Today I learnt alot. I was very happy with how I was working through my problems on the code base and how I was planning my solutions to make my implementation better/faster.

I am still not as happy with my rspec (testing) however. Although there is not problem with building tests I don’t think I am being good enough in splitting my feature and unit tests and indeed how I should be refactoring efficiently as this often breaks the code of the program and also the tests. Makes de-bugging difficult as often the problems are multiple instances rather than located in a single line/block etc.

I am hoping to work more on this over the weekend’s exercise. The Take-Away challenge. Will keep you posted. (Ohhh pun).

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