Makers Academy – Day 7 – Skills Skills Skills.

Due to Tuesday being a wash out (pun very much intended – you’re welcome) we had two skills workshop today. This involved

  • Drawing pictures. Although the sneaky Makers call this Domain Modelling. For someone who is very much visually orientated in my thinking. This was an incredibly useful tool to plan and implement structure in my code base.


  • Delegation. Delegation. Delegation! – Reinforcing using encapsulation and why. Basically it was highlighting the single responsibility principle and in part DRY (don’t repeat yourself). As per the domain modelling it was incredibly useful for me in my understanding OOP.

A good day for learning, sadly light on implementing due to time. Very happy with how to proceed with the oystercard challenge though. The work I did, I did whilst pairing with Adam. Very much enjoyed this as his understanding was similar to mine even if his skill in implementing it was better. Regardless we were able to bounce ideas and concepts off each other rapidly and made very good progress in the short time we were coding together. Thank you!

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