Makers Academy – Day 5

Thank god its Tuesday. Monday was mostly a dud. Excited to get back into good habits and high energy.

Fail. Literally from the Makers building whom (having a personality as every building does) decided to give up supplying water. This meant we had to leave almost as soon as we arrived.

Queue hassle. Where to go. There wasn’t a back-up plan.

Ace Hotel to the rescue albeit not ideal and I ultimately went home early.

I ended up working with my pair partner who wished to work on the weekend challenge which they were struggling with. It was a lesson in patience as my natural instinct was to pursue my own learning and continue with the second weeks challenge. I hope that I was as helpful to my pair as Nigel was with me the previous Friday.

The silver lining was finally getting my head around stubbing. The “Ta Da” moment!

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