Makers Academy – Day 4

An unusual day today. (NOTE: I am guessing this will be a theme throughout the course so will try to prevent being verbose about change in the future. )

  • First Retro
  • Easter approaching
  • TDD and regressing progressing.
  • Finally getting attr_reader and thus further understanding object orientated programming.

Retro’s. Pretty funky and interactive. Essentially it is splitting brief thoughts on Wins. Feedback on: Self, Group and Group controller. Otherwise known as our coach Kay. Once done you can ‘+’ or ‘-‘ others thoughts if you agree or disagree. A pretty nice mechanism to gauge where the group is and where you sit within that. Enjoyed it.

Another aspect that may not be apparent is that we have a 4 day week due to Easter. A short first week and conversely a short second week. We are expected to continue to work during the bank holidays though, albeit at home. Not ideal as feel that the energy constant I get with working in a group will be lacking. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

Lastly. T(est)D(riven)D(evelopment). A facet that has been really pushed on us as a core of writing good code. I see it as regressing / progressing. We essentially have to learn a second, albeit related, language to test if the first language is correct. It makes no sense on paper and slows you down on learning the first language (regressing) however I can already see how it will speed everything up in the future (progressing).

I said lastly before as wish to delve into the last point on my daily summary another time!

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